Veganuary Month- All About Vegan Diet Food, Benefits & Tips

It’s 2021. There’s a ray of hope, some positivity and a cheerful vibe in the air. Now is the time to start implementing your resolution of staying fit.

One way of doing that is by going vegan. And you would be glad to know January is Veganuary month!

Here’s everything you need to know about the vegan diet, its many benefits and tips to successfully adopt it into your life.


What Is a Vegan Diet?


We often get confused between vegan and vegetarian diets. A vegan diet is similar to a vegetarian diet with one significant change. Veganism involves staying away from eating animal-derived food such as dairy and eggs.


The purpose of veganism is to reduce the suffering of animals and the environment. Because being vegan involves shunning anything coming from animals- food, leather, cosmetics, crockery, etc.


People who want to save the earth and our winged and four-legged fellows from suffering and getting tortured opt for a vegan lifestyle.

Veganuary Month - All About Vegan Diet Food, Benefits & Tips

Benefits of Going Vegan

By pledging to be a vegan, here is how you will be helping your body, the animals and the environment.


Great Energy and Health Booster


Mother nature is very caring. She has everything for us to help us stay healthy. So for your daily food, you don’t have to look somewhere else but what nature has to offer.

Food coming from plants is not only pure but highly nutritious. A plant-based diet enhances your energy levels, makes your brain sharper and alert and improves your overall health.


Supporter of Animal Rights and Welfare


A vegan diet not only involves eating vegetables and fruits but also avoiding anything coming from animals. This includes milk and milk products and eggs. And it isn’t just

limited to food. Veganism also means saying no to clothes, accessories, crockery and anything made using animal skin, bones and organs. The cruelty that is showered on the animals in order to extract these is hair-raising shocking. So by introducing the vegan lifestyle in your life, you say no to cruelty to your fellow earth inhabitants and promote their welfare and a peaceful co-existence.


Sustainer of the Earth


A vegan diet helps save the environment by


Saving water- plant food production consumes very less water.


Saving energy- plant-based food is produced with less energy than animal-derived food.


Saving the air- plants enrich the air we breathe by cleaning them. when more people opt for plant-based food, more plants will be grown, thus resulting in cleaner air.


Make Veganism a Way of Life with these Few Tips.


Changing your lifestyle can be tough, especially, if you have been living the one very opposite to what you are choosing now. If you are a hardcore non-vegetarian turning vegan or a vegetarian switching to veganism, here are a few tips to help you easily follow a vegan diet and slowly make it an inseparable part of your life.


Go Coconuts!


Turning vegan doesn’t mean you have to give up all your favourite milk featuring dishes. There is an equally delicious and more nutritious alternative. You can continue enjoying your favourite dishes and desserts; just replace the animal-derived milk with coconut

milk. It has a creamy, mild flavour and is a clean nature offering.

You don’t have to depend on the market produced coconut milk, which is loaded with preservatives and chemicals. You can make your own fresh and pure coconut milk at home.


Say Hello to Herbal Tea


Okay, this one may be a little harsh. When you start your vegan diet, you won’t be able to wake to your morning cup of coffee or tea and sip on it again to feel fresh in the evenings. But trust us, when you taste herbal tea, you will never want to go back to your milk rich beverages.

Herbal teas are made using flowers, herbs and spices. They are had without milk.

The best thing about herbal teas is you can try as many flavours as you arrive at your favourites. You can have different flavoured tea every morning and evening! There’s a rose flavoured tea, rooibos tea, ginger cardamom tea, mint and tulsi tea, lemon and mint tea, hibiscus tea, and so many more.

Regular milk tea or coffee will only make you feel more alert and fresh, that too for a short time. But herbal teas will aid digestion, treat common flu, calm your agitated mind, keep your heart healthy and do much more apart from keeping you fresh and hydrated.

If you cannot have your tea without milk, you can use cashew, almond, or soya milk.


Veganuary Month - All About Vegan Diet Food, Benefits & Tips

Switch to Whole Grains


When we are talking about consuming only plant-based food, it means you have to bid farewell to packaged/ready to eat food such as noodles, pasta, and bread. You can

replace them with whole grains such as quinoa and brown rice. They taste delicious and can be made using the sauces and veggies you use to make noodles and pasta.

The beauty of whole grains is they are packed with loads of fibre that satiate your hunger for longer hours. Do you know what this means? Your goal of losing weight will now become a reality with results that show.


Plants Have Everything You Need


It’s a long-held misconception that you get your required amount of protein only from animal flesh. There are many plant-based foods that are a rich source of protein. Some of them are oats, chia seeds, quinoa, tofu, broccoli, lentils, etc. Browse through

Nutridock’s online menu and take your pick from our array of meals featuring plant-based protein foods.


Start Small


You don’t have to switch to veganism all at once. You can start with a week-long vegan diet, then move on a month-long and so on. You can have cheat days in between if it helps you to stay focused on your ultimate goal of making veganism a way of life.

When we talk about doing our bit for the environment and its other living beings, nothing can be a better way of doing it than switching to veganism.


Here’s ending with a quote by musician Moby-

“Could you look an animal in the eyes and say to it, 'My appetite is more important than your suffering'?”

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