Welcome to Nutridock

We firmly believe that getting fit is not about dieting but about eating right. We think of food as fuel and medicine for our bodies and help you make the shift from restrictive dieting to mindful eating, in a way that is easy and enjoyable.

With research-backed information and personalised nutrition advice, we help you create sustainable eating habits that will last a lifetime. There is no greater testimony to the Nutridock philosophy than the fitness journey of our very own founder, who felt an immense shift in his physical and mental well-being when he adopted a healthy lifestyle that was centred around good nutrition.

At Nutridock, we believe that if we want the world to change and progress, we must start with ourselves. So join us on this journey of building a sustainable healthy lifestyle, and let's make this world a healthier place!

To impart knowledge about the importance of good nutrition in the journey to physical, mental and emotional well-being. We aim to guide people in their wellness journeys by giving them research-based information about food and highlight the significance of proper nutrition on the progress of their fitness journeys.

To be the go-to source of information about food and nutrition, and educate people so that healthy living comes naturally. We want to be the catalyst for a nutrition revolution that is centred around embracing food as fuel.



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How We Work


Curation of the perfect meal plan

Anagha, our in-house nutritionist, uses her years of experience to devise the diet plan that will work the best for you. Stop starving yourself to fit into your favourite pair of jeans. Nutridock will make you fall in love with a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.


Achieving the target meal plan

Our celebrity chef, Rakesh Talwar, breathes life into the words of our nutritionist. Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness, and nutritious food is nourishment for your soul. With over 35 years of experience, he is here to make healthy food tempting and finger-licking delicious


Serving it on your plate

The relentless efforts of our nutritionist and the magic of our chef result in sizzling hot, delicious and finger-licking food on your plate will be delivered by us. Perfectly lite in every bite!

What we stand for


The best quality of food

Come hell or high water; we vouch to never compromise on the quality and health value of the food. Since we never discount on the freshness and the nourishment, we don’t offer discounts on prices either.


Environmentally benign

Let’s take one step closer towards not just detoxifying our bodies but also our environment. Moreover, as the most civilized species, we owe it to the others to be empathetic. Let goodness prevail with wholesome vegetarian food only.


Sustainable and accessible nutritious meal plans

Nutridock’s main motive is to make a healthy lifestyle sustainable for everyone. It cannot be achieved by going to extremes or unachievable fad diets, but by making sure that our body gets the right care that it deserves with every meal we eat.